The Scarecrow Project

Scarecrow Project

Sitting near the corner of 50th and Roosevelt, what IFC calls the "Best Film Corner in America," Scarecrow Video has been the go-to place for film lovers in Seattle since 1988. Over the last 25 years it has grown from a personal collection of 600 videotapes to become the largest single collection in the world.

The Scarecrow Project is a new non-profit organization in the process of obtaining its 501(c)(3) status. It has been formed with the singular purpose of protecting the invaluable collection of Scarecrow Video under a four-pillared mission of preservation, access, education and community.

The Scarecrow Project launched a Kickstarter campaign on August 12th to commence its mission to preserve the vast motion picture collection of Scarecrow Video. Please contribute and help protect this valuable cinematic resource.

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If you wish to donate directly to The Scarecrow Project you can do so using the following button. Your donation will be processed by our fiscal sponsor, The Grand Illusion Cinema.